Magic Johnson plans on talking to Lakers players involved in Anthony Davis rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers failed to acquire Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans during the trade deadline, leaving the team an entire roster that was involved in all the trade speculations over the past two weeks.

In an Associated Press report posted on ESPN, Lakers’ president of basketball operations Magic Johnson said that he intends to meet with the players who were involved in the trade rumors and help them understand the nature of business in the NBA.

“It’s a part of business, it’s a part of being a professional athlete. I’m going to hug ’em and tell them that we got to come together and our goal is still in reach, which is to make the playoffs.”

The Lakers will now shift their attention back to the regular season and focus on winning games. They are currently out of the Western Conference playoff race but still have enough games left in the regular season (29) to make a run at a postseason spot.

Magic Johnson believes that they can reach the playoffs with the current team that they have.

“I love our team. I love the guys. It’s a tough part of our business whether you’re mentioned in trade talk, or you get traded. It’s a tough part of professional sports, but they came together and played great against Boston. My job is to make sure we stay together as a team and stay focused on the goal, which is to make the playoffs.”

The Lakers did make a statement in their 129-128 win against the Boston Celtics, but whether they will be able to keep their momentum going or not remains to be seen.

For now, everyone from the Lakers roster not named LeBron James can breathe easily. At least for the remainder of the season.

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