NBA Free Agency 2019: top70 players(part1:61-70 players)

A good outside shooter who makes little impact in any other facet of the game.

Numbers have taken a plummet as the Bulls have gone with a youth movement. Still a serviceable backup center.

Bounced back nicely after missing all of last year with injury. Could be an excellent backup point guard on a contender.

Experienced forward who still has hops despite being in his 30s.

Good scorer from the lead-guard spot. Has improved on his efficiency this season. 

Having a career season as far as consistent nightly impact. Fantastic rim protector who is really good scoring out of the pick-and-roll. 

His numbers don’t measure his impact. Could even be a decent starter in the right situation.

Having a career resurgence since joining the Rockets. Uses athleticism and safe hands to finish explosively around the rim.

Bucket-getter off the bench. Can really do damage against second units.

Solid backup guard. Likes to score one-on-one. Gets after it on defense.

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