Steph Curry Earns HUGE Praise From NBA Legend

Stephen Curry may be only 30-years-old, but there is no denying the 3x NBA Champion has already set himself up as the greatest three-pointer shooter in basketball history.

The Splash Brother made over 400 three points in his second MVP campaign, leading the Golden State Warriors to a 73-9 record, which is the best record in NBA history. It is crazy how Curry made 126 more threes than the second-leading candidate on that list, his teammate Klay Thompson.

Soon enough, the former Davidson Wildcat will get past Reggie Miller and Ray Allen to become the league’s leader in three-point field goals of all-time.

In December, Allen Iverson put Stephen Curry in his all-time NBA starting five, along with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Shaquille O’Neal.

During Sunday’s All-Star Game, Iverson and Curry shared a moment. The Hall-of-Famer hugged the future Hall-of-Famer and praised him for his remarkable success throughout his career.

Iverson remembers how he used to play with Steph’s dad, Dell, back in the day. Now, the former Philadelphia 76er says Curry is in his top-five “all day long.”

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