Top 5 Best Destinations For Ray Allen If He Decides To Comeback

Ray Allen shook the world with his amazing performance during the celebrity game in last week’s All-Star Weekend, showing an ageless jumper that several contenders could find pretty useful.

Allen’s shooting would be tailor-made for today’s NBA and fans all over the world were left alone in disbelief when the shooting guard announced his retirement from the league even though he was expected to sign with a contender.

So, even if the Hall of Famer has been out of the league for quite some time, it looks like he could just dress in shorts once again and make a comeback, but, where could he actually play? Let’s break it down.

5. Milwaukee Bucks

What better way to put an end to his career than going full circle and retiring where it all started? Allen left the Bucks in bad terms and forced a move to the Seattle Supersonics, but that’s water under the bridge right now.

The Bucks are one of the best teams in the league right now and they’ve thrived as three-point shooters all year long. Allen could give them just 15 minutes a night and provide a much needed veteran leadership.

4. Houston Rockets

Daryl Morey tweeted he was willing to give Allen a 10-day contract if he was up to it, and we’re sure he was serious about it. The Rockets need three-point shooters and Allen is one of the best in history.

Eric Gordon hasn’t been the sharpshooter he once was for the Rockets this season, and their lack of depth may come to bite them in the playoffs. Allen could give them the boost they hoped when they signed Carmelo Anthony.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder has been one of the most consistent teams in the world all year long, yet nobody’s talking about them when they talk about Championship contenders. Don’t sleep on them, just saying.

Moreover, OKC’s second unit has finally responded the way the team needed to, but they’re still lacking a consistent scorer at the shooting guard position. Allen wouldn’t need to log many minutes there, and they’d be even more primed to win a Championship.

2. Boston Celtics

Most Boston Celtics’ fans pretty much hate Ray Allen’s guts, as they see him as a traitor for bailing out on them to sign with the Miami Heat, their biggest rivals in the Eastern Conference at the time.

So, what better shot to finally redeem himself than making a comeback with the Celtics and lead them to yet another Championship? Let’s not forget they haven’t won a ring since Allen left them to join LeBron.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

And obviously, playing next to LeBron James is always a good option and an easy ride to the NBA Finals, as he should know by now. The Lakers need shooters, and he’s already won the King a ring.

LeBron should be forever grateful with Allen for his clutch three-pointer in game 6 vs the San Antonio Spurs, and truth to be told, his sharpshooting could come very handy for a sluggish Lakers team.

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